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You tried everything to get rid of acne?

Pimples love an excess of bacteria. It's what clogs your pores and causes breakouts in the first place. When your brushes are dirty, you're basically putting all of that bacteria right onto your skin and swirling it around. If you find yourself breaking out more than usual, dirty brushes are the one to blame!


It's not the washing... it's the drying!

Did you know that washing your makeup brushes isn't removing any of the harmful bacteria?


Spin drying is the only most effective way to kill microorganisms and bacteria including Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and E. Coli.

If you are anything like the average girl, you more than likely have several makeup brushes – possibly makeup brush sets – and they are a breeding ground for acne causing bacteria just waiting to cause a mass breakout.


How Sogalore Brush Cleaner solves this?



Removes 99.8% bacteria from your brush with the centrifugal cleaning and drying method.

Sogalore Brush Cleaner is your final step to the acne and pimple free skin.

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